Shower Timer Acqua Tempus, with auto shut off (saving water and energy)

Arelia launches to the market its universal shower timer with auto shut off that allows to save huge amounts of water and energy; it is suitable for homes, hotels, gyms, camp sites, etc.... (for hose showers)

Acqua Tempus

Easy to install, and easy to use: we just have to program the maximum time we want to give for each shower and once this time has passed it shuts it off and the pre set waiting time begins: it is the minutes that have to go by till the next shower is available. Therefore, the user has to abandon the shower saving a lot of water and energy.

No electrical installation and no plumbing installation are needed. Just click and connect:


Our shower timer has a solenoid valve inside and a lithium battery that is charged thanks to a water turbine inside the Acqua Tempus that generates power when the water is flowing through. So no plumbering or electrical connections are needed. With hardly any installation, we can start saving a lot of money in our home or hotel just restricting the maximum time for showers, educating people to practice a responsible consumption of water.

Shower timer Acqua Tempus

(*) Acqua Tempus has a water leak sensor: in case the user leaves the tap open, Acqua Tempus will automatically shut the tap to stop any water waste.

Arelia, every drop counts

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